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Days 3 & 4 of our Nashville experience:

Originally posted on Real Southern Men:

Follow RSMs Wayne Franklin and Kris Wheeler on their adventures as they take their film, Duke & The King, to the Nashville Film Festival.

Day three of our Nashville adventure was fairly uneventful. Family and friends rolled into town; Kris and I watched a number of other music docs; the growing sense of angst and trepidation churned in my stomach. If making a film is like having a baby, ours has emerged screaming from a six-year gestation. We think she’s a beaut, but there’s always that chance that when others see her, they’ll give a us a sigh and say, “bless your heart.” Nobody wants baby pity.

My lovely wife, Kelli, drove up from Birmingham to be with us for the weekend, hoping to take in the full festival experience. She and I co-founded Birmingham’s Sidewalk festival many moons ago, but we’ve never been on the filmmaker end of…

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