Duke & The King Wows Audiences at 30A Songwriters Festival

Duke Bardwell takes the stage after a screening of Duke & The King at the 30A Songwriters Festival.

Duke Bardwell takes the stage after a screening of Duke & The King at the 30A Songwriters Festival.

As the first film ever programmed at the now four-year-old 30A Songwriters Festival in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Duke & The King proved there was an audience among live music fans for a cinematic account of a life in song. Continue reading

Now Available … Duke’s latest CD release, You & I, … Original music from “Duke & The King.”

Duke Bardwell’s You & I is original music featured in the film, “Duke & The King,” and was recorded live at Birmingham’s WorkPlay Theatre. It’s Duke’s first CD release in nearly 15 years.

To order your copy, just click on one of the links below:

order a CD here.

– (or download a copy) on iTunes.

Here’s what folks are saying about You & I

* “Excellent…heckuva live album. Bardwell can wail!”

* “He’s still got the magic touch and that pure soul that embodies all that Duke does. One fine talent, and a wonderful human being.”

* “Hardcore Troubadour”

* This album has tunes that I can listen to over and over, enjoying them a bit more each time. His song writing skills as well as his music and vocals are some of the best I’ve heard. These are heart felt songs that are soothing to your soul.”

* An extraordinary talent”

* A wonderful album”

What people are saying about Duke & The King – Sidewalk edition

Duke arriving at the Sidewalk Film Festival

As some of you may know, Duke & The King had its second festival screening at Birmingham’s Sidewalk Film Festival last weekend. This screening was special for a number of reasons:

1. The festival was co-founded by Duke co-producer/director Wayne Franklin some 15 years ago…

2. Much of the film, including the live performances by Duke were shot at Birmingham’s WorkPlay Theater…

3. This screening marked the first time Duke had seen the completed film. To say it was an emotional experience for us all would be an understatement.

We have gotten some great feedback from our audience. Here are some samples of  what people thought of the film:

“I was blown away….much more than the Elvis storyline.” -Erin Shaw Street, Editor, Southern Living

“A masterpiece.” -John Marc Green, Filmmaker

“This film really moved me.” -Jeff Jeffcoat, Musician/Filmmaker

“Y’all did a masterful job.” -Whit Russell, R.S.M., Actor/Filmmaker

“That was the best music documentary I’ve ever seen.” -Cole Lumley, film fan

“Best film ever! As a music lover, this is a part of music history that I had never heard and it is told beautifully. So lucky that I have gotten to experience it through amazing directors.” -Sheryl Kimerling, Duke Bardwell fan

“Loved Duke and The King at Sidewalk Film Festival” -Linda Osborne, Duke Bardwell fan

Thank you to everyone who came out to the screening and made it such a special night for Duke and for us!

A Little Love from Southern Living

Guess which film gets a mention in Southern Living’s new blog post about Elvis Week? That’s right. Right alongside news of interest to Elvis fans headed to Memphis for the 35th anniversary of The King’s death is the mention of Duke & The King’s upcoming screening at Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham.

What? You don’t know about our upcoming screening at Sidewalk?

It’s Saturday, August 25th at 5:30 pm. Afterward, Duke will perform at Sidewalk Central, an outdoor concert venue, with accompaniment by Kyle & Kenny of Dread Clampitt. It’s a night you shouldn’t miss.

And you don’t have to. Get tix here.

We’re Sidewalkin’!

Great news! Duke & The King is an official selection of the 2012 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival in Birmingham. The film will screen at 5:30 on Saturday, August 25. You can pre-purchase day passes and weekend passes now. Individual screening tickets will be available soon.

Also, keep an eye out for news about a special performance by Duke at the event.

So, get your Sidewalkin’ shoes on and come see us in the ‘Ham!

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Day three of our Nashville adventure was fairly uneventful. Family and friends rolled into town; Kris and I watched a number of other music docs; the growing sense of angst and trepidation churned in my stomach. If making a film is like having a baby, ours has emerged screaming from a six-year gestation. We think she’s a beaut, but there’s always that chance that when others see her, they’ll give a us a sigh and say, “bless your heart.” Nobody wants baby pity.

My lovely wife, Kelli, drove up from Birmingham to be with us for the weekend, hoping to take in the full festival experience. She and I co-founded Birmingham’s Sidewalk festival many moons ago, but we’ve never been on the filmmaker end of…

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At breakfast, we run into Tony the Detroit filmmaker we had met the night before. We talked about each other’s films, swapped war stories and generally encouraged one…

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For the next week RSMs Wayne Franklin and Kris Wheeler will be blogging their experiences as they take their film to the Nashville Film Festival.

Mythologist Joseph Campbell, in his seminal work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, says that the hero of any good story must vanquish forces known as Threshold Guardians who seek to keep him from completing his quest.

On our little quest to complete our film and premiere it at this year’s Nashville Film Fest, our threshold guardians look like software glitches, shipping mishaps, lost hotel reservations and, most notably, a 1997 Ford Expedition with a bad timing chain and a 2002 Chevy TrailBlazer with a bad case of the engine coolant gurgles.

After one rental car, a pit stop atop Mount Eagle and much dang strummin’ (that’s my Twanglish version of the German phrase sturm und drang), we finally made it to our…

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