About the Film

Duke Bardwell, the “forgotten member of the TCB Band,” captivates in the fascinating new documentary “Duke & The King” from Self-Proclaimed Entertainment. Part music documentary, part concert film Duke & The King is a cautionary tale about hero worship and a testament to the power of song.

There’s danger in meeting your heroes – especially when your hero becomes your boss, and your boss is the King of Rock & Roll. Bardwell learned that the hard way.

However, when the right words and the right music come together, they can offer a shot at redemption. Through an unlikely and fortuitous series of encounters, one of Bardwell’s songs did exactly that.

Duke’s captivating storytelling is punctuated with searing live performances – recorded at the WorkPlay Theater in Birmingham – that prove Duke could’ve been a star in his own right.

Hear Duke tell, for the first time on film, the full story of his ill-fated stint with Elvis as we try to unravel exactly how it all went wrong.The film also features interviews with notables like Kenny Loggins, TCB pianist Glen D. Hardin, Tom Rush, Casey Kelly, Trevor Veitch, Leon Medica and others.

The WorkPlay show is now available as a live CD from Self-Proclaimed.

Duke also makes a special guest performance in the newly released music documentary Back from the Dread.(www.classicdread.com).

Of course, this film wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the generous backers of our Kickstarter campaign.

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