Back From The Dread

In an era when musicians routinely sell their musical souls for 15 minutes of reality TV fame and a shot at the big time, the music documentary Back From The Dread offers a refreshing portrait of a band doing it the old-fashioned way: earning their fans one gig at a time. The Liquid Coast Films release takes a backstage look at acoustic iconoclasts Dread Clampitt as they hustle from stage to stage, trying desperately to define their complex sound in an effort to avoid a fate in the “$7.99 speed bin.” Blending influences and styles as diverse as bluegrass, soul, jazz, rock and old-school country, Dread Clampitt’s music is at once both innocent and experienced, innovative and comfortingly familiar.

Expertly shot and edited with a lush, cinematic feel, Back From the Dread offers a high-profile portrayal of an under-the-radar band. The film features performances and interviews with the members of the band spread over three years, six states and a host of venues. Completing the package is a special appearance by Duke Bardwell, former bass player for Elvis Presley and the band’s mentor, who reveals that what drives these guys is not fame and fortune, but love, family and a soulful quest for beautiful music.

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