Get Your Copy of Duke’s New CD Now!

If you haven’t heard it yet, we highly recommend you check out Duke’s new album, You & I. The album, recorded live at Workplay Theater in Birmingham, is in essence the soundtrack of Duke & The King.

You can order the CD here or download it on iTunes.

Read more about the album after the break:

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The Big Push

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind six weeks since the Kickstarter campaign wrapped up. Kris and I have been diligently chipping away at the film. Over the last three weeks in particular, we have taken the bones of what was once to be the film Bayou Country and reconstructed around them the film that will become Duke & The King. (Don’t worry, Bayou County will be back, but in a very different, more poetic form than we had originally planned.)

On Monday of this week, after a marathon editing retreat overlooking the beaches of Daytona, we completed a rough cut of the film. This work-in-progress cut will be used for film festival submissions over the next couple of months.

We still have a handful of interviews and some additional elements we’re working to add to the mix.

Regardless, we’re feeling good about the film as it stands now. It really captures the essence of Duke’s musical journey and the impact of Elvis’ music and legacy on Duke and countless others of his generation. And needless to say, Duke’s performances are dripping with soul.

We can’t wait to finish this film and share it with the world. We hope you’ll enjoy the completed film as much as we’re enjoying it in its current form.

More updates to come! In the meantime, enjoy the preview again:

One Week to Go!

Specially framed "Bayou Country" single and promotional pic - autographed by Duke!

As of the writing of this post, there is just under one week to go in our Kickstarter campaign for Duke & The King. (Thirty minutes less than one week, to be precise.) What a ride it’s been!

We’ve had great weeks and slow weeks, days where we felt like kings of documentary cinema and days where we felt invisible. All in all, it’s been worth every moment for the things we’ve learned, the people we’ve met, the connections we’ve made and the groundwork we’ve laid for not only this film, but for Bayou Country, which will follow it.

If you haven’t backed the film yet, there’s no better time than right now.


Well, for starters, when we get six more backers at $100 or higher, we’ll give away a brand new iPad 2. That’s a 1 in 27 chance you’ll get an iPad. PLUS, you get all the rewards that come with your backer level. How’s that for a good reason?

Another reason: limited edition rewards. We’ve got collectibles for Elvis fans, Cold Gritz fans and for people who want boots hand-picked by Duke just for you … and autographed by the man himself.

And don’t forget about our production services rewards. You can get the services of Self-Proclaimed Entertainment (that’s us) for your commercial, music video, corporate film … heck, we’ll even do a really fancy wedding! In the process, you’ll save over $5,000. That’s nothing to sneeze at … unless you’re allergic to saving money.

So why wait? Click on over now and join our Royal Family!  There’s only a week left, after all!


Half-Way There!

We’re at the midpoint of our Kickstarter campaign for Duke & The King, and we’re currently 67% funded. This is thanks in full to our generous backers. Some are friends and fans of Duke’s. Other are friends and supporters of Kris and me. Yet others are Elvis fans or simply fans of great film and great music. Whatever the reason, we thank them all.

But there’s still a long way to go. If we don’t hit our goal, we get none of the funding. So spread the word. And remember, you don’t have to come in at a high-dollar level. The $1, $5 and $10 levels are virtually untouched. If all our supporters came in at those levels right now, it would probably push us over the top.

You can see the full list of our backers (thus far) here. Take a moment to read their names and offer them a note of thanks.

Duke & The King Goes Global

Over the past few days, several Elvis fan sites and blogs around the world have picked up the story of Duke & The King and our Kickstarter campaign.

Here’s a collection of links to those posts. Warning: not all of these are in English: is an “on-line fanclub magazine by fans for fans” based in Netherlands.

Elvis Day By Day is a Dutch Elvis blog with new updates daily.

Elvis Matters is another Dutch Elvis blog. Apparently, we’re big in Netherlands.

Elvis i Norge, a Norwegian Elvis fan page on Facebook also took up the charge.

Here is a post on Elvis: Promised Land, a Polish Elvis blog, by Mariusz Ogieglo.

Everything Elvis is an Elvis news aggregator.

Stay tuned for more links!





We’re giving away an iPad!

iPad wordmark.

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We’ve decided to sweeten the pot a bit for our backers. As of now, we have seven backers at the Baron level ($100) or higher. When we get a total 20 more at those levels, we will randomly draw one name to receive a free iPad in addition the rewards of their backer level. One in 27 odds of winning an iPad is not too shabby. I don’t know the specifics of the iPad other than it’s new … and it’s an iPad!

Click over to our Kickstarter project page to pick your backer level (Baron or higher, remember?) and get your name in the hat.

Southern Living Gives Us a Little Love

Erin Shaw Street, a talented writer and editor at Southern Living, happens to be a huge Elvis fan. We like her. Turns out she likes us back. Here’s what she posted over on Southern Living’s site this afternoon:

As one of Southern Living‘s resident Elvis fanatics, it’s a project that has fascinated me. I hadn’t heard the story of Duke, and am eager to hear more, especially through the lens of Southern filmmakers.

Equally important is the mission of preserving the history of our Southern storytellers — musicians, artists, writers. We love hearing about these projects — share them with us!

You can check out the entire post here.

Sneak Preview: “Jealous Kind”

Over on our Facebook page, we’re picking up a lot of new fans. I know many of you are familiar with Duke already – either through his work with Dread Clampitt, Hubba Hubba and his various other acts in Walton County or from his earlier days in Baton Rouge and L.A.

Some of you are Elvis fans and may only know of Duke as the short-lived TCB bass player. Yet others of you are simply friends and family who are supporting Kris’ and my work. We’re glad to have you all.

For the Elvis fans and our friends and family, here’s a little taste of what you can expect from Duke’s performances in the film – and a little sense of what you’ve been missing all this time. And tell your friends about us. We’d like to get about 500 “likes” on the Facebook page by Monday’s Kickstarter launch. Remember, you’re on your way to being Rock Royalty now. Time to be benevolent to the masses!


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